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Delivery of spare parts

Delivery of spare parts for BOEING B-737, B-747, B-757, B-767, B-777 and AIRBUS A-310, A-319, A-320, A-321 and A-330 aircrafts, depending on customer’s demand is used to be provided on the following categories: (NE) new from manufacturer, (NS) new from operator’s warehouse or a trading company; (OH) after overhaul; (SV) serviceable, tested, ready for operation.

We offer delivery of the following items:

  • Airframe and systems;
  • Aviation tires, brakes, landing gears;
  • Avionics, measuring tools, navigation systems;
  • Engines and components, fuel control management units;
  • Auxiliary power units, starters, generators;
  • Power sources, electro energy consumers and commutating units;
  • Cabin seats and interior elements, including audio and video systems;
  • galley equipment;
  • oxygen and fire extinguishing systems;
  • ground support equipment, special tools;
  • rescue equipment;
  • consumables, fasteners, metal components, hardware equipment, paints, greases.

Delivered items are certificated according to international standards and secured by airworthiness certificates EASA Form 1 or FAA 81-30-3, or by certificate of conformity issued by manufacturer.

Delivery of GSE (ground support equipment)

We offer the following ground aerodrome equipment for maintenance of BOEING and AIRBUS aircraft:

  • Maintenance lift platforms;
  • Loaders;
  • Aircraft tractors;
  • Baggage tractors, dollies;
  • Special technics, aircraft refuelers, fire-fighting vehicle.
  • One of our most encouraging offers is delivery of used ground support equipment with warranties of manufacturer or overhaul facility. In this field we provide:

    • Assistance in putting into service;
    • Aftersales maintenance;
    • Delivery of spare parts.

    Overhaul of aggregates and elements of aviation technics

    Overhaul of main units and elements of BOEING and AIRBUS aircrafts is performed at facilities certificated according to world aviation standards (EASA, FAA, ISO 9001:2000, Transport Canada, etc.)

    “Aeroservice” company offers cooperation in the field of supplies of aviation technical goods and equipment (components, spare parts) and organization of overhauls for main units of aircrafts (TUPOLEV, ILUSHIN, ANTONOV) and helicopters (MIL), manufactured in Russian Federation. We provide full service and technical support for MIL helicopters (Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-172, Mi-17-1V, Mi-17V-5, etc.), namely:

    • Delivery of spare parts and components;
    • Arrangement of overhaul and upgrading for helicopters;
    • Arrangement of overhaul for all helicopter units, including:
      • TV3-117VM engines;
      • VR-14 gear boxes;
      • AI-9V auxiliary power units;
      • NR-3VM (AM; VM-T) fuel control units;
      • 8-1930-000 main rotor hubs;
      • 8-1950-000 swash plates.
    • TBO extension of main helicopter units;
    • Local repairs of engines and auxiliary power units;
    • Delivery of ground support and aerodrome equipment, as well as special instruments (tools);
    • Training of specialists for maintenance support.

    Our company provides full factory warranty for all brand new or overhauled units, which we supply.

    “Aeroservice” company has interest in buying from end users main unserviceable units (engines, main gear boxes, main rotor hubs, swash plates, ets.), with expiring life time (TSN or TSO).

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